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2015-11-04 17.07.37

Christmas displays: how early is too early

These fabulous Christmas displays are in a store off Ermou Street, a famous Athens thoroughfare we walked past on our way back from dinner in Plaka tonight. My wife and I are finishing our Greek holiday in this sprawling metropolis and we were surprised that such traditional people as theRead more »

2015-10-21 09.33.28

Greek islands thriving despite Athens

Here I am, on a beautiful Greek Island called Rhodes that is famous for its giant statue of Colossus at its harbour. Colossus is no longer around following his demise by an earthquake, but the island has still plenty of attractions, including its own Acropolis at the ancient city ofRead more »


Change is what this region is about

Wind the clock back just 20 years and you realise how much the south west region has changed. Pictured here is a section of the massive expansion of Narellan Town Centre which is under construction on the north west side of Narellan Road. A bridge will connect the new sectionRead more »


Those were the glory days, my friends

If you walked into the Court Tavern in Campbelltown 15 years ago, you would need to spend half an hour saying hello to everyone else who beat you to it. It was that popular and everyone knew everyone. It was a little quiet on Mondays, a little less so onRead more »

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