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Shane Fitzsimmons for premier of NSW

How about that RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons – wouldn’t he look good in the big chair as NSW premier or even Prime Minister. He certainly looks comfortable handling one of the country’s biggest peace time disasters. Which is a lot more than you can say for Scomo and Gladys. GoRead more »


Climate change: it’s time we ended the policy paralysis

It is possible to deal with climate change without wrecking the economy, argues Labor MP Dr MIKE FREELANDER, the federal member for Macarthur: Australia has been plagued by policy paralysis in the climate change arena for far too long. Conservative apparatchiks have made a sport out of pitting environmental policyRead more »


We’ve set the bar very low on water security

It’s shocking to think that in 2019 we hardly harvest any stormwater in the Sydney metropolitan area. Unfortunately, the more you look, the worse it gets. After spasmodic and half hearted attempts at introducing mandatory water tanks for every new home built, when it comes to water conservation we haveRead more »


We’re a democracy, so let the protesters protest

Like most people I get turned off by the antics of the current crop of protesters. Their tactics of glueing themselves to the road, among other things, to disrupt traffic in the heart of cities like Brisbane, have certainly earned the ire of conservative commentators. Some of them are frothingRead more »

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