Why Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living is worth funding

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In this opinion piece, Bradbury resident SUZANNE HALL argues that the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living at Mount Annan performs an important community role and deserves to continue receiving funding.

I am very concerned that the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living at Mount Annan may lose valuable funding from Campbelltown Council this year.

I, and others, have found it to be an incredible source of learning in relation to living a sustainable life now and into the future. 

 The environment will face more challenges and food scarcity will become a very real issue for many in our state, country and world-wide. 

Learning how to successfully grow one’s own food, re-use leftovers so that family budgets can be better managed and how best to keep rubbish out of landfill is important.

The Centre for Sustainable Living also provides some fabulous activities for the little members of our society. 

Thinking about how funding could potentially be continued I believe that if the Mayor of Campbelltown, Dr George Greiss, and the Mayor of Camden Council, Ashleigh Cagney, would meet to discuss this issue they could find the solution and keep the centre open.

Perhaps if each council divided the amount required to operate this charitable enterprise at the present time, which I think is around $150,000 per year, the centre could continue its invaluable service to our communities.

So, 75,000 from each Council is not a huge ask, is it? 

After all Camden has $23 million for a facelift of John Street and The Billabong Parkland cost $34 million to build.

Obviously, both these ventures had government funding but that means the two councils are able to fund valuable programs such as the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living.

Some restructuring of those employed by the Centre could also save money. However, to really give our communities the very best service, security of tenure should be reviewed too. 

I sincerely hope that our councils will review any decision to cut funding from this wonderful resource.

7 thoughts on “Why Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living is worth funding”

  1. What reason did both councils give for stopping support?
    It would be a great idea to put it to a vote and let the ratepayers have a say

  2. Having attended a number of training and general interest classes at the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living, I feel it would be devastating if the funding for this great centre of learning and education was reduced or stopped.
    The centre does provide some of its own funding but it still needs and I would say deserves the small amount of funding being asked for. Both councils have thrown a lot of money at ill thought of projects but do not want to continue to fund this well run and proven community centre.
    Come on Campbelltown and Camden Councils, please continue to contribute funding to this great community asset.

  3. We love attending the Little Explorers play group on Friday for 0-5 year olds, it would be so sad to see these community activities and strong connections disappear

  4. Fabulous place. I’ve been there so many times. I’ve done workshops on proper gating plants, worm farming, cooking, using household products as beauty products and many more. Always informative and helpful. I’ve organised my garden club (about 50 people) to go there for a tour. They loved it. I now run a small garden group in the Illawarra and I use a lot of the things that these guys taught me. They showed me many recycling ideas that I now share with others. This place is an asset to your community. Go fund it

  5. We love the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living!!! We attend the little explorers playgroup. They host school workshops which I remember attending many years ago. They have around 50 volunteers and some volunteer daily. Very sad to lose such a valuable part of the community.

  6. I love this place. I love the concept and everything it promotes. I love that I discovered it 21 years ago when I moved here. I was involved with the “backyard blitz” 6 week challenge back then that involved being featured in the MCSL magazine/newsletter and being interviewed on C91.3. (I wonder if you guys have a copy of that as mine has been damaged). It confirmed my love for sustainable living , gardening, having chooks, and being more connected to my backyard space. Macarthur Centre For Sustainable Living 👨‍🌾 🪴


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