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Soccer needs more goals, basketball fewer slam dunks

Soccer needs more goals, basketball fewer slam dunks

Imagine you’re master of the universe for a day, but your power only covers sport. You have free rein to make changes to any sport you like. But of course, you need to need to remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so go easy there. For instance, you could not just cancel a particular sport because you had personally found it boring. The challenge is to impose changes to make it more attractive for more people. So for example, if you think football or soccer could do with a few more goals per game then do something about… Read more »

Time to flush panic buying fools down the gurgler of history

It is a big job trying to find positives in a lockdown like the one we’re going through right now. But you’ve got to hand it to those fellow humans who are quick off the mark to panic buy toilet paper seconds after the lockdown has been announced. The rest of us sit back and enjoy the show, watching these idiots on TV filling up shopping trolleys with the giant packets of the rolls. Well, not all of us sat back. Some among us went on the attack on social media – where else – wanting to flush these idiots… Read more »

Why Wests Tigers joint venture was doomed from the start

Why Wests Tigers joint venture was doomed from the start

It is bitter sweet watching the Wests Tigers show on social media and elsewhere. The funniest bits are when someone suggests a certain player should be dropped and that will fix everything that’s wrong with the club. And it’s not just the punters who completely miss the point about the woes of the joint venture between two 1908 foundation footy clubs, Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies, who had been based in Campbelltown since 1987. There’s the so called experts in the media, especially on TV, who only dissect the goings on at Wests Tigers when the joint venture is… Read more »

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You just can’t beat being at the game

Flicking through sports channels you can’t help noticing that in Europe and America the stadiums are still mostly devoid of fans. Huge soccer games in England and on the continent that would have otherwise attracted 50,000 fans or more, are played in front of stands that have been covered byRead more »


Never mind the state border wars

These border wars between our states got me thinking some of them could do with new names. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into that cancel culture stuff. But looking at almost half of the country being called Western Australia made me think surely we can do better. And whenRead more »


So sad comedy has gone to the dogs

It’s very sad what’s happened to humour during the pandemic. Two things actually happened to the funny side of life. One, humour is in short supply right now. And two, any current attempts at humour are not very funny. So where has humour gone, because our funny bone hasn’t goneRead more »

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