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Pressure’s on to impress your Valentine

OK, girls and boys, Valentine’s Day is just four days away and the pressure’s on. Whether it’s for the first or 50th time, the conundrum remains the same: what will I buy for that special person in my life, the love of my life. So, start thinking, because there’s not much time between now and Friday, February 14, Valentine’s Day. Will you give your Valentine a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates or is a romantic dinner for two on the cards for you and her or him. The worse you can do is do nothing, and in… Read more »

What if it never rains again and other silly claims

I remember the words well: “If it rains again.’’ They were said by a politician during an interview late last year and I recalled them today as I sat by my window watching the rain tumble down in Campbelltown. I won’t embarrass them by naming them, but those four little words reminded me of a trend last year for some people and groups to make claims that were simply ridiculous. There was this tendency to hyperbole, and what was really disconcerting was that some of it was about immutable stuff like rain. The Bureau of Meteorology merely stuffed up when… Read more »

Just about had enough of 2019, so bring on 2020

Just about had enough of 2019, so bring on 2020

Bushfires burning for weeks, drought, water restrictions; 2019 is certainly going to be a memorable year for all sorts of reasons. We also voted twice during the year to elect – for better or worse – new governments in NSW and Canberra. In the state, by the time the Liberal National coalition government next faces the voters, it will have been in power for 12 years. Not much difference in Canberra, where the current government will be almost 10 years old at the next election in 2022. It may be time for a change, but who can tell these days…. Read more »

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Here’s why Bill’s bus crashed and burned on Saturday

The last three days all the spotlight has been on the potential new leadership of the Australian Labor Party. I say “all’’ because in the three days after Saturday’s debacle all the chatter was about why the ALP lost the unlosable election. So three cheers for Anthony Albanese, Chris BowenRead more »


What gets your goat when you go shopping

Ordinarily, going shopping can be a pleasant experience. If you regularly go to the same local shopping centre, as I do, you get to know some of the staff, who greet you with a friendly smile when you arrive. Then there’s the mingling in close proximity and interaction with yourRead more »

The "Usain Bolt match'' at Campbelltown Sports Stadium last week.

Macarthur FC almost certain to become a reality

Yes, yes, our bid for an A-League licence is not over the line yet. But so many factors point to only one result: Macarthur and outer South West Sydney having their very own professional football team in the national soccer competition. Listening closely to the utterances of Football Federation AustraliaRead more »

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