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April Fools day jokes: hey, your shoelaces are undone

First thing my wife said to me this morning when I returned from my walk was: your shoelaces are undone… Luckily I had taken off the joggers by then so I didn’t fall for the worst April Fools day joke of all time. We’ve all used it, which probably also makes it the most used joke as well as the most corny on April 1. The millennials won’t know this, but there was a time when April Fools Day was enthusiastically embraced by a lot of people. At work it was the one day of the year when you could… Read more »

You just can’t beat being at the game

Flicking through sports channels you can’t help noticing that in Europe and America the stadiums are still mostly devoid of fans. Huge soccer games in England and on the continent that would have otherwise attracted 50,000 fans or more, are played in front of stands that have been covered by club banners. It’s a reminder how lucky we are Down Under to enjoy our sports with fans allowed in to watch. There’s a case to be made that without fans they may as well not play at all, but that may be going too far. Even having cardboard cut outs… Read more »

All the world’s a stage, but it’s Parkes for our next holiday

All the world’s a stage, but it’s Parkes for our next holiday

We’re all no doubt looking forward to going shopping without having to wear a mask from tomorrow. It’s true that it’s not much of an effort pulling on a mask when considered against the benefit of slowing or stopping the spread of the virus. What has stood out these past few weeks of mandatory mask wearing are the people who weren’t wearing one. They strut past you with a defiant look on their faces, while you’re scratching your head trying to guess why they decided to be that one person out of hundreds visiting your local shopping centre without a… Read more »

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Pressure’s on to impress your Valentine

OK, girls and boys, Valentine’s Day is just four days away and the pressure’s on. Whether it’s for the first or 50th time, the conundrum remains the same: what will I buy for that special person in my life, the love of my life. So, start thinking, because there’s notRead more »


What if it never rains again and other silly claims

I remember the words well: “If it rains again.’’ They were said by a politician during an interview late last year and I recalled them today as I sat by my window watching the rain tumble down in Campbelltown. I won’t embarrass them by naming them, but those four littleRead more »


Just about had enough of 2019, so bring on 2020

Bushfires burning for weeks, drought, water restrictions; 2019 is certainly going to be a memorable year for all sorts of reasons. We also voted twice during the year to elect – for better or worse – new governments in NSW and Canberra. In the state, by the time the LiberalRead more »


The parade that stops our town

A spoof logo of this year’s Fisher’s Ghost festival doing the rounds landed in the messages box of my phone yesterday. It was mildly amusing but we won’t be publishing it here because it does not deserve to be exposed to a wider audience. But enough of this silliness andRead more »


Just don’t know anyone who would kill for veggies

Asparagus, broccoli, carrots, dill, eggplant, green beans, leeks, onions, potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini. There you go, there’s an edible plant for just about every letter of the alphabet. Not that it makes it any easier to eat some of them – OK, you’re right, any of them. Most humansRead more »


Can you cheat on the footy team you love?

Deciding how to approach footy finals when you’re team’s gone must be one of life’s little mysteries. It’s becoming increasingly important, according to footy journalists anyway, to choose a team if yours is out of contention. The problem is that when the finals kick off there are still eight teamsRead more »

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