Winter popular as summer: gotta be kidding, right?

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We love summer in our great country, but not so much winter. Spring and autumn you can’t say too much about because these days they seem to have been incorporated into the two big seasons of summer and  winter.

Summers seem to be getting longer, going deep into March and even a little bit of April.

One day we’re sweltering, and the next it’s saying where’s that cardigan, dear.

And that’s where the lack of popularity for winter kicks in, as we put on more and more clothing to stay warm.

And now that winters linger on until at least October and sometimes a bit of November, well, it gives us more reason to hate it.

But there are so many reasons to like winter as much as we adore summer.

This will probably go down like a lead balloon with many people, but here’s my Top 5 reasons winter should be at least as popular as summer.

Number 1. The footy! Sure, we love the cricket in summer, but compared to footy it’s as boring as watching two flies crawl up a wall.

Number 2. The fire pit in the backyard. There’s nothing better than having a few friends around, cooking a barbie, then sitting around a fire pit telling yarns, while the kiddies cook marshmallows.

Number 3. For those who enjoy a drink in moderation, red wine is so much better in winter. Yes, admittedly as good as a cold beer on a hot day, so let’s call it a draw.

Number 4: You go out to a party in winter, and you can look stylish without even trying, whereas on a hot summer’s day anything more than things, shorts and a t-shirt will make you sweat.

Number 5: What about those great slow cooked meals like stews that go so well in winter. Sitting in front of the fireplace, with a crusty piece of bread to dip into the stew, and a nice glass of Aussie Shiraz, well, winter’s just heaven.

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