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Time to say goodbye to printed news

It was pure coincidence that a day before the announcement that a string of local newspapers would close we received the picture above. The picture ran under a headline that said: What’s everyone reading? It was created by Daniel Currinckx, who is the sports program coordinator at the South WestRead more »


A lot of Camden history in names of new parks

A popular former mayor, aristocrats from England and successful migrants were among those honoured when Camden Council chose names for nine new parks in Oran Park. It means that now there is a Brooking Park, named after Frank Brooking, who was mayor of Camden from 1993 to 1997. Brooking, whoRead more »


Be a Busy Bee is the iso buzz

What’s the buzz when we’re in iso? Be a Busy Bee, that’s what. Be a Busy Bee is a new section of Campbelltown Council’s website. There you can find a range of material to help you make your home more sustainable or enjoy outdoor activities while practising social distancing. BeRead more »


Hard at work rubbish dumping and panic buying

This little part of Campbelltown’s beautiful, pristine bushland has just gained some special decoration. This old spa was dumped by some scumbag in Kentlyn, near Georges River Road earlier this week. Fingers crossed this selfish loser is not a reader of the South West Voice, but hopefully someone who isRead more »


Gone: statue of Caesar the dog, Vietnam war hero

Why would anyone steal a metal statue of a dog? Scrap metal is one theory. Either way that’s what local police sleuths are trying to figure out after the disappearance of the statue of Caesar the dog from Edmondson Park railway station. Caesar was one of 11 tracker dogs thatRead more »

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