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Academy chaplain praises transformative power of sport

It’s quite handy that Reverend Jim Dayhew is a self-declared sports enthusiast, competitor and coach. About a year ago he was appointed non-denominational chaplain at the South West Sydney Academy of Sport as it ramped up wellbeing support programs for athletes and coaches in response to the pandemic. “I’m not sure ifRead more »


Beam me down, Scotty, it’s story time

The 2021 National Simultaneous Storytime will be literally out of this world. Anyone who pops down the On Q space in Lithgow Street, Campbelltown for this year’s Storytime on May 19 will be able to see and hear an astronaut from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, picturedRead more »


Cheesy story about a dog who joined the army

Cheese the kelpie wasn’t barking up the wrong tree whenever he was back at the Campbelltown pound, which was often. An energetic pooch with a love of fetch, Cheese became known to the staff of the Rose Street Animal Care Facility as a serial escape artist. That’s because Cheese couldRead more »

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