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What if it never rains again and other silly claims

I remember the words well: “If it rains again.’’ They were said by a politician during an interview late last year and I recalled them today as I sat by my window watching the rain tumble down in Campbelltown. I won’t embarrass them by naming them, but those four little words reminded me of a… Read more »


Life long volunteer will do the honours on Australia Day

Josephine Peter started volunteering in 1940 when she was seven years of age and knitted a pair of socks for Australian soldiers fighting in World War II. She ended up knitting 450 pairs of socks and never stopped volunteering since then. As Camden’s Australia Day Ambassador for 2020, Ms Peter, will take part in the… Read more »


Shane Fitzsimmons for premier of NSW

How about that RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons – wouldn’t he look good in the big chair as NSW premier or even Prime Minister. He certainly looks comfortable handling one of the country’s biggest peace time disasters. Which is a lot more than you can say for Scomo and Gladys. Go to social media and search… Read more »


David’s 800km European trek for firey comrades back home

Bush fire volunteer David Tricca is determined to make a contribution even though right now he’s more than 20,000 kilometres from home. A long time Camden resident, Mr Tricca is a member of the Mount Hunter Rural Fire Brigade. “I would like nothing more than to be on the fire ground with my brothers and… Read more »


Just about had enough of 2019, so bring on 2020

Bushfires burning for weeks, drought, water restrictions; 2019 is certainly going to be a memorable year for all sorts of reasons. We also voted twice during the year to elect – for better or worse – new governments in NSW and Canberra. In the state, by the time the Liberal National coalition government next faces… Read more »