When you see it for real, Uluru is pure magic

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It was almost disconcerting that the great red rock in the middle of the Western Desert just kept disappearing from view.

On a bus tour to Ayers Rock or Uluru as we must all call it now, I lost count of the times this magnificent natural wonder would suddenly appear, and then just as quickly fade out of view.

To everyone on that bus, it just made Uluru more magical than any travel brochure could spin it.

And then there’s those colours, especially at sunrise and sundown, just gobsmacking.

Not that any more evidence was needed to believe that there was something akin to spirituality – and of course Aboriginal people believe that – but seeing foreign tourists with awe in their faces was the clincher.

Visiting the rock is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, as it was on mine, and I am so glad I have finally done it.

Uluru is about 350m high, while nearby Kata Tjuta – the Olgas – climb a bit higher at more than 500m.

No wonder the world’s tourists flock there day after day.

Talking about foreigners, to me and wife, they have made my Uluru Top 5 list:

Number 1: Naturally Of course it’s Uluru, the great, elusive, magical rock, which is always in the background – and then suddenly goes into hiding.

Number 2. Kata Tjuta, despite being taller than Uluru, are second strangely because there’s several of them, which seems to detract from their charm.

Number 3. At twilight we rock up for dinner, we have Uluru to the left and Kata Tjuta to the right, but we are just interested in the Canadians and Swedes assigned to our table. Then, when we’re given a brilliant night sky talk by an Indigenous man using an incredible laser that can pinpoint the Southern Cross it’s all oohs and aahs. But in the end being there in the desert, under the stars seated next to people from all part of planet Earth was just as magical. Special thanks to Stephanie and Patty for supplying us with some of the images from the dinner.

Number 4. You eventually take it for granted, but the desert air is so incredibly clean and fresh.

Number 5. There are a lot of tours on offer, but a common theme was how friendly the operators were, who also looked like they loved their jobs.

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