Voters, our mission is to sort the wheat from the chaff

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In a little over four months, we will be heading to our nearest polling place to vote for new councils.

There will be scores of candidates to choose from, both independent and those representing our major political parties.

Our mission will be to choose wisely, to elect those who have proven to us they want to get elected for one simple reason: to make a difference.

Too many candidates seek power either for the sake of it or for prestige reasons.

We have seen in the recent past such people elected and who somehow went on to leadership positions, to the detriment of the ratepayers.

The next four months will be crucial for voters as we try to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

We must beware of those who make promises that just seem too good to be true – there are no Messiahs in politics or anywhere else.

Or those who think that if elected they would solve every problem facing councils.

Common sense tells us that that improvements in life come slow and steady, and it’s no different with institutions or government levels such as councils.

We all live what I call crazy-busy lives, so checking out candidates as they announce themselves in the next four months won’t be easy.

But we must somehow find the time to ensure we know as much as possible about these people who want us to vote for them in September.

Democracy is a two way street, and the voters’ task is to make an informed decision when they walk into that voting booth

It’s true that many won’t, but the point is that as many voters as possible leave that booth confident they had voted for someone who will make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Voters, our mission is to sort the wheat from the chaff”

  1. Indeed Eric the Editor. As a whole we are lethargic citizens – disengaged. Like all good streams, there is always need for new flows to wash away the weeds. It is a tough job.

  2. Yes indeed Eric! Lets see some interviews in South West Voice with candidates stating their position. What are their plans for Campbelltown.


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