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Print is dead, long live local digital news

The closure of printed local newspapers is the end of an era but doesn’t have to be the end of local news coverage, writes GREG WARREN, the state member for Campbelltown. News Local mastheads have been a staple throughout Western Sydney communities for many decades and they have been passionateRead more »


Memo Gladys: Parramatta is not Western Sydney

Hardly a week goes by without an announcement that some new infrastructure project is going to Parramatta. Light rail, relocation of historic museums from the city, aquatic centres, government departments, you name it, that part of the metropolitan area has its name on it. And you know what, good luckRead more »


Dr Freelander backs World Health Organisation

After an almost 45 year career in medicine, I’ve witnessed first hand on a number of occasions the lifesaving work of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in many different countries; whether it be coping with the health needs of refugees, responding to natural disasters, supporting child health through nutrition andRead more »


Now more than ever we need to look after each other

Greg Warren, the State Member for Campbelltown has penned this open letter to residents in his electorate: Dear residents of Campbelltown: we are in the thrust of what will be the most turbulent time the majority of us have faced in our lifetime. The threat of Covid-19 has understandably causedRead more »


More money for councillors not such a super idea

There’s currently a big divide between politicians and bureaucrats and those whose taxes and rates they rely on – in other words the rest of us. That most politicians and senior bureaucrats are out of touch with ordinary people is now an accepted fact, and there are confirmations on aRead more »


Panjo folly could have been Re-imagined

For almost three years Campbelltown City Council has been talking the talk of an urban metamorphosis. Called Re-Imagine Campbelltown it has come with great cost to the ratepayers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on consultants so they can tell us how our neck of the woods can beRead more »


Shane Fitzsimmons for premier of NSW

How about that RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons – wouldn’t he look good in the big chair as NSW premier or even Prime Minister. He certainly looks comfortable handling one of the country’s biggest peace time disasters. Which is a lot more than you can say for Scomo and Gladys. GoRead more »

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