Let’s take a timely pause on local population growth

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The push by Bradbury residents to have the green belt behind their homes rezoned to stop the housing crunch could lead to similar outcomes across Campbelltown.

Certainly, with a council election around the corner this issue could be the catalyst for a rethink on the future of Campbelltown and more housing.

We know the state government is conducting an audit of its land holdings in Campbelltown and other parts of the metropolitan area.

And we also know that the Minns Government has virtually declared a state of emergency over housing.

One of the reasons is that people between 25 and 40 are leaving Sydney in droves.

Now the government is saying that’s caused by housing in Sydney being out of reach of most young families seeking their first home.

Some of it may be the case, but so what? Large numbers of young people have had to leave the old inner city neighbourhood behind and move to Campbelltown and Penrith to get a start in the home market for the past 50 years.

Now they’re just moving a little further away.

But my bet is that many are leaving because they have had enough of the declining standard of living in the Sydney metropolitan area.

From traffic congestion and pollution to lack of public transport, Sydney is becoming a basket case – from Circular Quay to St Helens Park.

It’s time for some breathing space in terms of shoving more people to live in Sydney.

Same goes for Campbelltown: everywhere you go people want to ell you how bad the traffic is – and we’re 50 kilometres from the centre of Sydney.

Nobody is saying don’t build any more housing, just stand back and have a look at amenity and lifestyle and how they’re declining, simply because there are already too many people here.

When Bradbury residents say the impact of more housing will be “devastating’’ they aren’t kidding.

That’s why the Georges River Parkway corridor, the lungs of southern Campbelltown, should be rezoned to become a reserve.

But also to set a precedent that we need to work harder to get the balance right between more housing and our way of life.

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  1. If you keep allowing more people into the country, what do you expect…we can’t to house the people already here, stop allowing people into the country….let’s start looking after our own poor people.


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