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Patiently waiting for the time it’s safe to hug the grandkids

It feels like we’ve been in lockdown for an eternity. But when you think about it it’s been barely a little over a month since we were told to stay home to save lives. Each day since then has seemed to have lasted for a lot longer than usual as we eagerly consumed as much news of how the virus was going as we could. There was much more than we could handle, what with Covid updates from every state and territory here in Australia before we even looked at how other countries were faring. Five or six weeks later… Read more »

Ferals and narcissists of Covid-19 will linger in the memory

Remember when we got to hate 2019 so much we couldn’t wait for it to end and there’d be a collective “good riddance, you bastard’’ call across the country. First there were the water restrictions because of the drought, followed by the smoke haze that covered the metropolitan area, from Picton to Paddington, day after day for weeks on end. The bushfires were some of the worst ever and many of our country cousins lost members of the family and their homes. And so we couldn’t wait for this horrible year to end: bring on 2020, we’d all say. But… Read more »

Plenty of candidates for coronavirus goose of the week

You wouldn’t know where to start if you compiled a list of the worst things said or done since the onset of the coronavirus emergency. There would be some many candidates, including the Prime Minister, who must hugely regret saying early on, no worries, we can still go to the footy. It has been good to see him improve his performance in the past three weeks, though. There’s been the incompetence over the Ruby Princess cruise ship and panic buying of toilet paper, while thousands of stupid people decided it was clever to pack themselves in at Bondi Beach like… Read more »

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Super hero top 100 list ticked me off

Researching for this edition of Top 5 I came across a Top 100 of comic book heroes, and immediately I wanted to find out where I could complain that the Phantom didn’t make the list but The Tick, whatever the hell that is, did. But then I calmed down andRead more »


What’s your definition of friendship?

Since the arrival of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter the definition of friendship has come under the microscope. In recent years some people have developed tough friendship criteria, and I saw one just before last Christmas that made me cringe because I thought nobody’s going to make thatRead more »


Vote early and vote often: just joking, sort of

When at election time Aussies say, “vote early and vote often’’, it’s only partly a joke. And that’s just one of the many things in our voting system which need changing. Our Top 5 looks at the five things we’d like to change about voting and elections: Number 1: AmericansRead more »

Seniors Week

Dancing and learning for Seniors Week

The 2015 annual Seniors Week activities kick off this weekend and there are so many great events we thought we’d hand pick our Top Five. So we got our magnifying glass out, stooped over the program and here’s what we came up with: Number 1: Intergenerational Technology Forum, with aRead more »

bad boys of league

How low can bad boys of league go

Over the years they have used hotel corridors and teammates’ shoes as toilets, poker machines as urinals, driven home drunk, brawled with the best of them and shown little respect towards women, including their own girlfriends. Welcome to the ugly side of rugby league. Let’s be clear that we loveRead more »

household chores

Household chores to fight over

This week we take a slightly cheeky look – in other words business as usual – at the Top 5 household chores. We will number them one to five but not in a meaningful way, so we’ll let you decide if number one or five is the worst one forRead more »

Duke of Manly Warringah

Duke of Manly Warringah to stay warm in French style

After mocking New Year’s resolutions as our way of saying goodbye to good, old 2014 in December, why not welcome 2015 by taking our crystal ball and seeing what will be the top five events/trends of the next 12 months: 1.       Climate change: There will be three camps in 2015.Read more »

school's back

Mango is top of the pops

Finally, summer fruit is in not only in abundance in the local fruit store but it’s almost completely affordable. The other thing with summer fruit is that there is so much to choose from. In winter, it’s apples, oranges and pears season. And that’s it. You can get them theRead more »


Add spice to your life

You know how men become instant experts at anything they try their hand at, right. Well, cooking is no exception. And since The Kontos Report started working from home we have become the master  of our kitchen domain, producing culinary masterpiece after masterpiece, sorry, joking, producing sufficiently edible dinners whichRead more »

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