Cricket does more with statistics than you can poke a bat at it

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Cricket is a quintessential Australian cultural icon.
We love it: Cricket is a quintessential Australian cultural icon.

We are having a bit of trouble producing a list of things we want from Santa this year, so Top 5 has had to turn to an old favourite – cricket.

The game is arguably our best cultural pointer for recently arrived citizens.

More than footy, league or even AFL, the arts, motor racing – popular as all these are – cricket captures both our past and our future.

T20 played by both men and women, same with limited overs matches or one dayers, represent the future of the game.

Test cricket has still got a lot of life in it but from the point of view of newcomers to this land – unless they come from places which love cricket, such as India and Bangladesh, it takes a lot longer to understand its nuances.

Nothing else is played over such a long period – five days – and provides such ebbs and flows, high drama and dull periods.

It also has no equal in the way it teaches loyalty to the group from each individual.

And I know Australia is in the doldrums Test cricket wise, but don’t worry: we may be down now, but before too long we will be on top of the world once again.

It’s how cricket rolls.

♦ Our Top 5 cricket things are:

Number 1. The statistics. All sports dwell on facts and figures but cricket takes it to a whole new level.

Number 2. Wicketkeepers, who remind us of soccer goalkeepers and their eccentric nature. Thank God  there was Adam Gilchrist.

Number 3. The parents of junior cricket players, who show a little more sportsmanship than in some other sports.

Number 4. You can read a book for an hour, look up and realise you haven’t missed much.

Number 5. The fact that Americans neither like nor understand cricket.

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