Airconditioned trains: why didn’t we think of that before?

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All trains should be airconditioned
C’mon, Gladys: All trains should be airconditioned for local commuters, just as they are for the north shore and the eastern suburbs.

The first month of 2017 has just about gone so we need to get serious about what change we’d like to see over the next 11 months or so.

Actually the scariest thing is that in less than three years the calendar will say 2020.

Yes, I said 2020.

Unfortunately we can’t stop the clock or even slow it down so we are going to rule that out as one of our Top 5 changes in 2017.

Seeing as the sky has not fallen in since Brexit and Trump it’s fair to say that Prime Minister Pauline Hanson could be just around the corner.

Maybe but as far as we are concerned here it’s on with the show and our Top 5 things we’d like to change in 2017.

♦ Number 1. Here’s an idea, Premier Gladys: How about you only put trains with airconditioning on our train line so poor commuters from south west Sydney don’t freeze in winter and sweat in summer trying to get to work and back five days a week.

♦ Number 2. Malcolm Turnbull, please do something – anything, we’re practically begging you. Remember when you were an action man, pushing for a republic, taking on the British Government and winning? C’mon!

♦ Number 3. Only the price of petrol can go up and down like a yo-yo and it’s time somebody stopped it. One day it’s a tad over $1 a litre and 24 hours later goes up to $1.60 a litre or more. Something’s wrong there and someone should do something about it. Malcolm? Anyone?

♦ Number 4. Are humans becoming so unimaginative that they will stand like zombies every year and watch fireworks that are little different from the ones the year before or 10 years earlier. Let’s give this groundhog day the flick because the only ones who profit from it are the manufacturers of fireworks.

♦ Number 5. FIFA, the governing body for soccer, got it wrong when it decided to go for a 48 team World Cup finals. They should pretend it’s tennis and start with 128, all knockouts, 64, then 32, 16, quarter finals, semis and the final. That should bring in the billions of dollars FIFA seeks.



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