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Why Wests Tigers joint venture was doomed from the start

Why Wests Tigers joint venture was doomed from the start

It is bitter sweet watching the Wests Tigers show on social media and elsewhere. The funniest bits are when someone suggests a certain player should be dropped and that will fix everything that’s wrong with the club. And it’s not just the punters who completely miss the point about the woes of the joint venture between two 1908 foundation footy clubs, Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies, who had been based in Campbelltown since 1987. There’s the so called experts in the media, especially on TV, who only dissect the goings on at Wests Tigers when the joint venture is… Read more »

April Fools day jokes: hey, your shoelaces are undone

First thing my wife said to me this morning when I returned from my walk was: your shoelaces are undone… Luckily I had taken off the joggers by then so I didn’t fall for the worst April Fools day joke of all time. We’ve all used it, which probably also makes it the most used joke as well as the most corny on April 1. The millennials won’t know this, but there was a time when April Fools Day was enthusiastically embraced by a lot of people. At work it was the one day of the year when you could… Read more »

You just can’t beat being at the game

Flicking through sports channels you can’t help noticing that in Europe and America the stadiums are still mostly devoid of fans. Huge soccer games in England and on the continent that would have otherwise attracted 50,000 fans or more, are played in front of stands that have been covered by club banners. It’s a reminder how lucky we are Down Under to enjoy our sports with fans allowed in to watch. There’s a case to be made that without fans they may as well not play at all, but that may be going too far. Even having cardboard cut outs… Read more »

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Planning holiday activities pays off

The boss has told you to take some extra leave this Christmas to help the company reduce the pressure on the bottom line, and all you can do is say, no worries, chief, will do. But then you think, well, yes, that’s all well and good, but what am IRead more »

Top Five heroes

My heroes, from Captain Cranky to Steve Jobs

We all have heroes, some of us quite a few, and they range from our fathers/mothers to a work mate to historicasl figures, sport stars or even, heaven’s above, politicians. I gotta tell you, when you sit down to name just five of the people who have inspired you inRead more »

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You get to choose one country from each continent

You’ve won first prize with the InterGalacticTours raffle you bought at that cocktail party where you had a little too much sauvignon blanc and completely forgot all about the 10 tickets you bought. Now you have received an email telling you first prize is an all-expenses paid trip to fiveRead more »

Gough Whitlam

Word of advice: hard work never killed anyone

This week’s Top Five is about all the tips we get as we go through life. No, not Melbourne Cup tips, we’re talking about the good advice we receive from parents, uncles, friends and associates. If you have your own top five on this or any other topic, please shareRead more »


Some of Gough Whitlam’s greatest hits

According to the Top Five schedule – yes, there is one – this week we were going to compile the top five things we would like to get from Santa this Christmas, but it will have to wait for a week because the great man, Gough Whitlam, passed away onRead more »


Born to be Wild is such a great memory

At some modern funerals they play a few of the deceased’s favourite songs but that is not what I am thinking here. I confess that is what started me thinking about what my top five songs would be, but more in line of which ones would you choose if theyRead more »

Pets are becoming popular as excuses for sickies

When you need an excuse for a sickie, be creative

At high school, a friend came to school after not turning up the day before, and the teacher asked him where he’d been. I went to my grandmother’s funeral, the youngster replied. The teacher thought for a moment, then said: I think this is the third time you’ve missed schoolRead more »

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Winged keel, penalty shootout and supercoach

MY personal best sporting moment was coaching the St Andrews under 14s cricket team to a Camden Association premiership more than 20 years ago. Even though it would have been the St Andrews club’s first ever premiership in any age group, I hadn’t anticipated the reaction when my mighty boysRead more »

summer time

Summer time means good times

Spring has sprung and summer’s just around the corner. You beauty! We love the seven-eight months of the year when the weather is pleasant enough to discard heavy clothing, so here’s our Top Five things in summer: Number 5: You have been cleaning the pool all winter and the rewardRead more »


Why south west is great

This week’s Top Five takes a look at what we like best about in the great south west of Sydney. It doesn’t really do the place justice to name just five things we like about it, and we’re happy to confess we like many, many more. But rules are rulesRead more »

Number one: Campbelltown Golf Course at Glen Alpine.

Get your golf clubs

OK, boys and girls, get your clubs out, we’re off to the golf course, but the question is, which one? We have plenty to choose from in south west Sydney, from Moorebank’s New Brighton to Picton’s Antill, and lots more in between. But we only have room for five, andRead more »

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