Let’s fix some things before giving summer the flick

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Come to where you belong, Wests Tigers

Just a few more lazy days and the summer break will be given the flick.

The last hurrah is Australia Day on January 26, with schools reopening a day or two after that.

Most workers have gone back, while others are enjoying a holiday that started after New Year’s Day.

Which is a long, roundabout way to say what’s five things you’d fix if put in charge of your world and given unlimited powers?

What is it that really annoys you or seriously makes you as mad as hell.

I know what I’d do, so as the ruler of the land here’s my Top 5 actions in 2016:

♦ Number 1: Ban the use of multiple hashtags in social media posts. It became a cute trendsetter late in the year but is now a painful torrent and quite possibly the most annoying thing on the planet, other than that guy who does the weather on TV and thinks he’s a philosopher. I forget what channel’s he on.

♦ Number 2. Let’s get on to serious things like forcing Mike Baird to give us back Hurlstone Agricultural High School. A dumb decision announced just before Christmas, if I had the power it would be reversed for the good of our region.

Give the Moorebank intermodal the flick while we're at it.
Give the Moorebank intermodal the flick while we’re at it.

♦ Number 3. I’d chuck the Moorebank Intermodal plan in the garbage bin where it belongs. But I would accept Badgerys Creek, near the new airport, as an alternative venue.

♦ Number 4. I’d pick up the Wests Tigers, the whole set up, and park them in south west Sydney, where their future lies. Concord? You gotta be kidding! Should have moved out here years ago. Some people just love hobnobbing with the big end of town, for God’s sake. Accept it, Tigers board and management, only way to long term success is to be based out here. Live here, train here, play here, shop here, mix with the fans here. Better here than Perth. It’s a no brainer.

♦ Number 5: Lists. Just like the use of hashtags in social media posts, lists started appearing sporadically so you hardly noticed them. But now, and especially on Twitter, every second post is either 10 effective ways to become a happier person or 7 habits of massively rich people. OK, so you’re saying Top 5 is a list. Got me. But it’s actually satire, mostly, so does that count?






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