Let’s get on our bikes for a bit of exercise

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More and more of us are taking up exercise.
More and more of us are taking up exercise.

Now that summer’s almost here many of us turn our thoughts on a little exercise to shed those kilos we gained over winter.

It’s on with the running shoes and out we go for a jog or a run.

Some of us will go for a swim or jump on a bicycle and go for a ride.

You can join a yoga class or do weights, play a team sport such as indoor soccer or cricket – the possibilities are almost endless so there’s no need to worry you’ll be bored trying to lose a few kilos before going to the beach for the first time.

When it comes to traditional exercises, the biggest conundrum is deciding between doing it at a gym or in and around your home.

Some people don’t run in the street because they worry about getting attacked by dogs so they either take a stick with them or get a treadmill or visit a gym.

Well, it doesn’t really matter; what’s important is that we exercise one way or another.

And there’s no doubt more and more of us are taking the healthy road and exercising in some form or another.

When it comes to favourite forms of exercises it’s a matter of personal choice, but here’s our Top 5:

♦ Number 1. Running or jogging or power walking is great because you can do it anywhere, anytime and feels like your entire body is getting some benefit.

♦ Number 2: Swimming, especially in summer. Refreshing as well as good for you.

♦ Number 3. Lifting weights for cardio purposes takes care of the upper part of the body and you don’t need hours of it.

♦ Number 4. Yoga. A new one in our repertoire but it feels like a massive return from very little effort.

♦ Number 5: Cycling. Healthy but also nice to go a little faster than power walking or jogging around your neighbourhood. And you can get away from those pesky dogs that chase you.




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