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Plenty of reasons to sign up for Lakeside’s golf for seniors course

Camden Lakeside’s Golf for Seniors course is perfect for those looking to learn new skills, take up a new hobby or re-kindle their love for an old one.

The course is an opportunity for seniors to learn the basics of golf, increase their confidence on the course or rediscover their love of golf.

The six-week course for the over 55s also which provides opportunities to learn new skills, make friends, stay healthy, and have fun.  

Paul and Gillian Blackstone are keen participants of the program and they have progressed through the class levels.

They enjoy the style of coaching from Jeff Mansfield and his team who provide “an enjoyable, amiable, humorous and engaging approach to coaching seniors in the art of the game”.

The couple say they have met new friends in the program and enjoy trying to conquer the challenging game in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Paul and Gillian Blackstone sing the praises of the Golf for Seniors program offered by Camden Lakeside.

There are three levels of classes which allow seniors to book into a class that perfectly suits their current golfing abilities.

Beginner classes are suited to participants who may have never played golf and would like to learn the basics, or those getting back to golf after a layoff.

Each weekly session runs for 90 minutes followed by a tea and coffee social get together.

The Intermediate classes are for seniors who have either completed the beginners course or who wish to further their skills in golf on the driving range and on the course.

Each weekly session runs for 90 mins followed by a tea and coffee social get together.

The advanced classes will challenge participants who have either completed the intermediate course or who wish to expand their confidence on the course.

Term 2 classes will run from Thursday, April 11 to Thursday, May 16, 9.30am, 11.30am or 1.30pm .

For more information on Golf for Seniors please contact Karen Hansen on 4634 5630 or email or collect an application form from the Lakeside Golf Shop.

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