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Glorified mayors: how Covid-19 exposed inept state leaders

We learn a lot about ourselves when we’re under the pump and the pandemic is no exception. Indeed in six months we have discovered so much about ourselves as individuals and as a human herd that it’s hard to know where to start.

Our reaction to the arrival of the virus on our shores back in January could be a good place.

To say there was fear and loathing is an understatement.

We’re all going to die, the little voice inside our collective heads kept whispering to us.

I am not ashamed to admit I was among those who became scared of this virus at the outset.

Six months later and with the benefit of hindsight we can now see that while this is a terrible virus, incredibly infectious and deadly, we are by and large a resilient people.

Some of us are still scared that Covid-19 will come and get them, and that’s fair enough, too.

We also found out about those among us who believe in conspiracy theories – it’s all a government plot to control our lives, yada yada yada.

I bumped into one yesterday, and like most of them do, said: there is a virus, but…

The less energy we spend on them the better, but it has to be said that it’s shameful celebrities who have some influence over some ordinary people have been among that cohort.

And now let’s look at how the leaders across the country have fared in all this

This is a tough situation and there’s no point beating about the bush: the state premiers and territory chief ministers have been exposed for what they really are: glorified council mayors.

Some are worse than others but generally they have been both inept and out of their depth in the face of impending doom.

Some will say this is harsh; look how well Australia has done in terms of dealing with the virus and how quickly it flattened the curve.

Well, you know what, most of the credit goes to the people, who with some exceptions, knew what they had to do to stop the spread of the virus: stay home.

That’s what we did and it’s what we would have done without having to be told to do it like little children

It just made sense, just as so many people in Sydney have in recent days made their own decision to wear masks where they can’t social distance from others.

Why would any sensible person listen to leaders who allowed the Ruby Princess and hotel quarantine disasters to take place?

In normal times we really could not give too hoots who the premier is in our state.

It’s one of the reasons we rarely change state governments and they get 12-16 years in office.

But they are shameless these so called leaders, some already signalling borders will be closed at least until the middle of the year.

It’s becoming obvious to every except these glorified mayors that there’s no such thing as zero risk with this virus.

Social distancing, even mask wearing, good hygiene, testing for the virus and the rest of that may be with us for years.

But all the lockdowns and restrictions must slowly be eased as we get closer to Christmas, side by side with our continuing fight against the virus.

The fact is we need to start returning to normal before more people lose their jobs.

But don’t hold your breath.

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