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Solar 30 30 30 target for cheaper power, lower emissions

Solar 30 30 30 target for cheaper power, lower emissions

Local MP Angus Taylor, the minister for industry, energy and emissions reduction, says the federal government is advancing its commitment to ultra low cost solar as a priority technology to help deliver lower emissions, lower energy costs and more jobs. Up to $40 million is being made available through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to support research and development of solar PV technology to deliver Solar 30 30 30 – the government’s target of 30 per cent module efficiency and a cost of 30 cents per installed watt at utility scale by 2030. Mr Taylor said that ultra low cost… Read more »

How our TAFE colleges are helping to produce cyber security professionals

Campbelltown TAFE college is helping to upskill the next generation of cyber security professionals amid a critical shortage in the midst of spike in cyber attacks during the pandemic. Jozsef Kleiner is among those who have recently tapped into the jobs boom, after landing his dream role assessing cybersecurity risks with NSW Government. Mr Kleiner, pictured above, said he decided to study a Statement of Attainment in CCNA Cybersecurity Operations at Campbelltown TAFE college to progress his career. “My studies at TAFE NSW have helped me to learn new skills and keep me current in a fast-changing industry,’’ he says…. Read more »

Digital choice to encourage more women to stand for council

Council chambers may not be used as much in the future, when online meetings could rule. The future is digital for those elected to local councils at the December 4 elections. State Government changes introduced this week are set to revolutionise the way council meetings can be run as they open up to an online platform providing more flexibility for all. Shelley Hancock, the minister for local government, said the innovative updates to the Model Code of Meeting Practice will allow councillors to attend meetings virtually. As a result, communities will be able to tap into a much wider talent… Read more »

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Safer Internet Day: careful what you say online

Today is Safer Internet Day (SID) and it reminds us that what you say online may have consequences for many years to come. Giving away too much personal information online is like giving away the keys to your home, says the NSW Privacy Commissioner, Dr Elizabeth Coombs. SID is organisedRead more »

cyber attacks

Cyber attack warning for small companies

The hacking of many of the world’s biggest companies is leading to complacency among small-to-medium-sized business owners on the threat of cyber attack as SMEs assume cyber criminals by-pass smaller operators in favour of household names. With 70 per cent of Australian and New Zealand small-to-medium-sized businesses the victims ofRead more »


Apollo-M the next step in music evolution

Apollo-M is an on-demand, subscription platform created for anyone with dreams of being a rock star, a concert pianist, or who just wants to jam and play the music they love. Developed in Australia, the innovative platform helps musicians by delivering unlimited access to a library of thousands of music lessonRead more »


We’re going nuts over tech and that’s ok

Microsoft’s newest Windows version pre-release hoopla caught the tech world by some surprise. Improvements to the wince inducing ‘Metro’ interface and boosts to multitasking capability were expected nuts and bolts improvements. The drum-roll moment came with the announcement that the current Windows 8 would be followed not by version 9,Read more »


Time to hit ‘Australia Tax’ for six

A digital revolution that is sweeping Australia is now occurring in our local area: the fondly remembered video store is closing up shop. The once bustling Video-Ezy chain is transforming into automated kiosks and sadly empty stores. Ever increasingly, Australians are venturing into the online realm for their movies, TVRead more »


Meet the world’s first family robot

Brilliant or creepy? I can see so many uses not only for the family home, but business as well. Though now my mind is racing with the business possibilities and applications from conferencing to reminders or just voice commands and more. Are we becoming more like machines and making ourRead more »

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