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Make online privacy your priority


“As the use of smart devices, mobile apps and online services continues to rise, the risk to privacy is also increasing,’’ says NSW Privacy Commissioner Dr Elizabeth Coombs.

“It is no surprise that privacy remains a hot topic and the protection of our personal information continues to be important to all of us, no matter who we are or what our age,” Dr Coombs said in launching Privacy Awareness Week 2015.

“The Privacy Awareness Week remind us all of the importance of protecting our privacy online and holding to account those who collect and access our personal information.”

Privacy Awareness Week 2015 (PAW 2015) is an annual initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) and is held in the first week of May (May 3-9 this year).

It offers an opportunity for NSW public sector agencies, including local councils and universities to highlight their commitment to good privacy practices by staging events and, importantly, sharing their privacy commitment with the NSW community.

This year NSW will celebrate PAW 2015 under the theme of Privacy Matters @ Any Age, which highlights the fact that no matter your age, your privacy and the protection of your personal information is essential.

Privacy Matters @ Any Age encourages each of us to consider such questions as:

•       What are my responsibilities when using online services?

•       What privacy settings are available and how do I use them?

•       How do I find out how to stay safe online?

“This year, under the theme Privacy Matters @ Any Age we encourage all to be privacy minded,’’ Dr Coombs said.

“We have a specific focus on the growing number of older people who I am keen to assist to feel confident about protecting their privacy online so they can communicate digitally along with the rest of the community.

“My office has developed a range of free downloadable resources including fact sheets, brochures, checklists, a short video animation, privacy quiz and posters for agencies, organisations and the NSW community.

“These include assistance with using mobile apps, keeping kids safe online, tips for protecting your privacy when using social media, and a guide to privacy laws in NSW.

“All privacy resources can be accessed on the IPC’s PAW 2015 web page.”

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