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Welcome to the elevated sports sedan from Nissan

In an era where electric cars with autonomous driving capabilities dominate global auto shows, the Nissan IMs stands out with its simple, unadorned design and advanced technology.

Now Nissan IMs introduces a new segment – the elevated sports sedan.

It transforms the traditional sedan into something fresh and new, with provocative proportions and a sleek new look that emphasises its sporty electric vehicle performance.

The IMs is the latest in a series of advanced Nissan electric vehicle concepts that includes the recent Nissan IDs and IMx models.

The IMs offers a new electric vehicle platform with dual front and rear electric motors and a flat, high capacity battery pack located underneath the passenger compartment.

The car’s overall silhouette features a slipstream cabin arch over a B-pillar-less interior space, enhancing its technical modernity and premium high quality appearance.

Sporty 22-inch wheels and tyres give the car a powerful stance and a raised cabin for easy ingress and egress, as well as a high seating position for the occupants.

Thanks in part to an extended wheelbase, interior space is maximised, allowing the designers to create an open, airy cabin that can play the dual role of a commanding cockpit or a lounge like room.

“There are two distinct breakthroughs in the design of the Nissan IMs,” says Satoru Tai, executive design director for Nissan.

“First, the exterior’s fresh proportions, simple shape and dynamic movement are very clean, yet powerful and emotional. Second, the landscape projection theme of the interior is sophisticated, spacious, inviting, interactive and seamless, with a unique passenger seating layout.

“The IMs exterior signals that the driver and passengers are about to experience something entirely new once inside.”

The IMs’ exterior design is composed of a powerful linear body block that encases a spacious cabin.

 Contributing to the open-air cabin’s appearance are a unique glass roof, thin pillars, super-flush side glass and handle-less doors.

When seen from the side, the doors look simple and clean. The dynamic sheer surfaces and edges in the door and hood sections suggest speed and advanced aerodynamics.

The B-pillar-less design allows the rear doors to open rearward, creating an unobstructed view of, and access to, the cabin.

With no traditional centre console, the interior feels even more spacious at first glance, as well as when inside.

At Nissan, every car is designed with the driver in mind. Although it has full autonomous capability, the IMs is no different in this regard.

Highlighting the interior is an advanced driver-centric cockpit. In manual driving mode, the driver has full control of the vehicle from the comfort of the zero-gravity seat.

The powerful electric drivetrain provides excellent acceleration, while the vehicle’s air suspension system with adaptive ride sensors provides a smooth ride quality and keeps the car stable through corners.

The vehicle’s all-wheel-drive system also ensures maximum traction and grip.

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