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Golf and haircut can wait, but not track shoes

Yes, yes, get a haircut, old boy. Well, yes, and I don’t know about you, but going to the barber or the hairdresser is not the biggest priority around here.

Sure, the hair needs cutting, but there are more important things in life.

Such as the track shoes which have served me so well for a couple of years, but after copping a bigger than usual workout these last three or four months look like they’re on their last legs, so to speak.

Indeed I am not sure I am alone in saying that I have a list as long your arm to take care of when it’s safe as houses to go for some retail therapy.

In the garden is another place where equipment got a major workout – probably for the first time in their inanimate lives.

The result is a new garden hose set is required urgently, as well as a rake and a plastic bucket.

There’s more, but you get the picture.

And there’s the personal wardrobe to take care off, starting with replacing all those “food shirts’’.

It really is incredible what can happen in four months when you’re locked in the house, and in this at least I think we were in it together.

And as we stare longingly into complete freedom, we must have a priority list, because there’s so much to get. A Top 5 if you like, and here’s mine:

Number 1. Yes, a new pair of track shoes is the clear winner, and as soon as possible, too.

Number 2. Replacing all the broken garden equipment, because, well, gardening is just great.

Number 3. Won’t go into details about what’s on my wardrobe list, but suffice to say it include socks.

Number 4. Hair cut. Yes, it’s booked in but not until well into November. No dramas.

Number 5. First round of golf since last summer. Also booked in for next month. Can’t wait.

One Response to Golf and haircut can wait, but not track shoes

  1. Sue Wise October 14, 2021 at 1:09 pm #

    1/ haircut in a week and a half
    2/ new walking shoes, mine are almost done for
    3/ return clothes bought online where I can, try on new clothes in store so that they fit.
    The shoes and clothes won’t happen until I feel safe going into a shopping Centre.

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