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Margaret Lambert says beware of negative energy.

It’s all about energy, but make sure it’s the positive type

It’s all about energy, says MARGARET LAMBERT, psychologist, author and speaker in her latest column. An interesting article about the transfer of energy came to my attention recently. Bioenergy research is finding that plants can draw energy from other plants, with the suggestion that people also draw energy from others in a similar way. The… Read more »

Getting away from your normal routine can be good for your health.

Giving yourself a break is a positive move

Take a break for your health is the advice psychologist and author MARGARET LAMBERT offers in the latest instalment of her regular column. There is nothing like travelling to a completely different place to expand our thinking and take us out of our personal comfort zone. I am writing this week from the Canadian Rocky Mountains…. Read more »

Margaret Lambert's new book.

Little Words that make a Difference

We underestimate the emphasis and importance that words have on our overall wellbeing, writes MARGARET LAMBERT in her latest column. Often it’s the simplest of words and phrases that make all the difference to how we feel. Words of inspiration and encouragement can lift our spirits and have us strive towards pursuing our goals while… Read more »

Check in time: Margaret Lambert

Time to check in with our feelings

If we aim to live a balanced and healthy life, it is important to pay attention to all aspects of ourselves, which is the essence of holistic health, writes psychologist  and author Margaret Lambert in her latest column. Our health focus is often on the physical aspects (exercise and nutrition for example), but there is… Read more »

Warning on parasites

Parasites: the creatures that live inside us

Lately I have been learning a lot about parasites, says psychologist, author and speaker, Margaret Lambert in her latest blog for the Voice in Macarthur. These little (or some bigger) critters often don’t make themselves known as they are living inside us, yet they can cause a good deal of grief. It is estimated that… Read more »

book in for screening

Breast cancer: early detection saves women’s lives

The new BreastScreen NSW vans are here in Macarthur and local women aged 50 and over are encouraged to book their mammogram appointment. South Western Sydney Local Health District’s chief BrestScreen radiographer Vicki Green said now was the perfect time for women living and working in the area to take advantage of this important health… Read more »

magnesium can help in chronic conditions

Magnesium is a lot more important than we realise

Most of us underestimate the importance of magnesium, says author and psychologist MARGARET LAMBERT. Magnesium deficiency is common among the general population, largely due to our food source. Where previously magnesium was available in soils and therefore absorbed through foods, the current situation is that our soils are deficient in magnesium due to the application… Read more »

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