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hot water

Good for you: Here’s cheers to a cup of hot water

Drinking hot water has been a practice of many Asian cultures for thousands of years and maybe you should give it a try, writes psychologist Margaret Lambert in her latest column. It has been described as “Chinese penicillin” because of the exceptional medicinal value hot water is believed to have on a person’s health, particularly… Read more »

Margaret Lambert

Alternative medicine slipping into mainstream

People of my vintage will have grown up with the western medical model of health and healing, meaning that when you were sick, your parents took you to a doctor and you were generally given medicine to make you well again, writes psychologist and author MARGARET LAMBERT in her latest column. As a result, most… Read more »


Computers great, but there’s a downside

In this week’s column, psychologist and author Margaret Lambert casts a critical look on computers and how they may be affecting our health. We rely so much on computers for almost all aspects of our lives – our alarm clocks, our fitness prompts, our work, entertainment, communication – and so much more. Obviously computers benefit… Read more »

look after number one

Look after number one because you’re worth it

Self care has become a featured word in the health arena in recent years and it appears, says psychologist, author and speaker Margaret Lambert, that we are beginning to become more mindful of the importance of taking care of ourselves, and less reliant on others to “fix” us. There is a growing sense that our… Read more »

health goals

What are your health goals for 2016?

What are your health goals for 2016? Pyschologist and author MARGARET LAMBERT has some suggestions in her first column for the year. Happy New Year to you all! I’m off to a slow start having had a wonderful long break away from regular work and routines, with some of my time being spent in parts… Read more »

stress levels

When stress level’s in the red zone it’s time to chill out

Approaching the end of the year can be stressful, says psychologist  Margaret Lambert, so we need to find ways to chill out. Work deadlines, functions to attend, pre-Christmas catch-ups and preparation for Christmas, holiday arrangements, and keeping some of our regular routines going, means that there is a constant flow of planning and activity which… Read more »


We are what we eat so food does matter

With all the different advice we hear about food, it can be tricky to know what foods we should be eating, writes Margaret Lambert in the latest instalment of her Health Focus column. How can I really know what food is good for me, and does it really matter anyway? Food is one of the… Read more »


Sleep is the best form of rest, so get plenty of it

Getting adequate rest is vital for wellbeing and for recovering from any setbacks. The body struggles when more energy has been expended than your body can readily replace. The only way to replenish your energy is to rest, and sleep is the best form of rest, says psychologist, speaker and award winning author Margaret Lambert in her… Read more »

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