Let’s try a little kindness for a change

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Try a little kindness: Margaret Lambert
Try a little kindness: Margaret Lambert

Many of us live on a diet of hard knocks and bitter blows, but maybe the time has come to try a little kindness, writes psychologist  and author Margaret Lambert in her latest column.

Life can be tough and we tend to use language that keeps us in battle, even when we are not.

Take a moment to reflect on how you talk to yourself.

Is it generally kind and supportive, or if you’re like most people, the language you use is more likely to be harsh and blaming.

Think about the last time you couldn’t find your keys: did you call yourself “an absent-minded idiot” or utter “how stupid of me?” or something similar?

The way in which we talk to ourselves contributes to the way we feel about ourselves.

If we continue to talk ourselves down and metaphorically kick ourselves in the guts, over time we will be drawn into forming some beliefs about how stupid we really are (particularly when it comes to remembering where the keys are!).

What if you were to choose more positive language, even when you can’t find the keys?

Your self-esteem will most certainly thank you for it.

Surely we deserve to talk to ourselves with the same respect that we would address others.

Our language diet is just as important as our food diet – and would we really put toxic food into our bodies?

Each part of us, body-mind-spirit, thrives when it is nurtured in the best possible way and withers without proper sustenance.

Feeding ourselves trash or kicking ourselves in the guts is not supportive or helpful in any way.

Why not try a little kindness instead?

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