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Shane Fitzsimmons for premier of NSW

How about that RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons – wouldn’t he look good in the big chair as NSW premier or even Prime Minister.

He certainly looks comfortable handling one of the country’s biggest peace time disasters.

Which is a lot more than you can say for Scomo and Gladys.

Go to social media and search for pictures of the three of them and see which one looks like a real leader.

Fitzsimmons is calm, cool and collected and on top of his brief, as well as having a handle on smaller details of the campaign against these horrible bush fires.

He looks and sounds like a born leader and if either party had some brains they would recruit Fitzsimmons not as another foot soldier but as their leader for the next election.

Goodness knows both parties could do with a decent leader in NSW, but especially Labor.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see Jodi McKay being anything but a stopgap between now and 2023.

With someone like Fitzsimmons in charge, a reinvigorated Labor Party would have a real chance of winning government for the first time in 12 years.

Gladys Berejiklian tries hard but you get the feeling she has too many enemies within the Libs, who should also seriously consider talking Fitzsimmons into signing up for them before the opposition does.

There’s a good chance the NSW Fire Commissioner may be interested in utilising his leadership skills to benefit NSW even more than he is currently.

If I was running either party I would be putting the hard word on Fitzsimmons and finding a safe seat for him as soon as possible.

We are in an age when our elected leaders are people who got into politics just to be in politics and not to make a difference.

Maybe the time has come to say “no more’’ to this insider system and start electing real leaders like Fitzsimmons who can make a real contribution to our country.

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