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We’re working hard to build more commuter car parking quicker, says local MP

The State Government is working hard to build new commuter car parking at Leppington station as soon as possible, says the State Member for Camden, Peter Sidgreaves.

The Liberal MP says further site investigation work is due to start to inform the concept design for a new car park which will provide up to 1,000 additional spaces at Leppington station.

He says the work is scheduled to be carried out from today, Monday, January 13 and until Wednesday, January 15 on vacant land on the northern side of the railway station.

“Transport for NSW is working hard to progress the design and planning stage to deliver up to an extra 1,000 car parking spaces at Leppington Station,” Mr Sidgreaves said.

“The site investigation involves geotechnical work to help inform the design of the car park to accommodate the increase in much needed spaces for customers.”

Construction of the new spaces is planned to start around the middle of this year and be completed 12 months later mid-2021.

 Leppington Station, pictured above, was opened in 2015 as part of the South West Rail Link.

Through this project, the NSW Government also built more than 800 car spaces at this location.

 An additional 1,000 extra spaces were announced for Leppington Station car park in December last year, providing a boost to Sydney’s south west customers of 650 more car spaces then the initial commitment made a year ago.

Mr Sidgreaves points out that since 2011, the NSW Government has delivered more than 10,000 commuter car spaces across Sydney.

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