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MP in scam warning on Robodebt refunds

A local MP has warned scammers may use the Federal Government’s announcement that payments made under the Robodebt scheme will be repaid to deceitfully try and take refunds that are due to them.

“While I’m very glad to hear that community members who paid money under the illegal Robodebt scheme will be repaid, I have concern over the capability of scammers targeting those people and causing even further harm,” says Anne Stanley, the federal member for Werriwa, pictured.

“The government has said it will automatically start issuing refunds on July 1 to anyone who is owed money and whose bank details are on file with Services Australia.

“But for people who do not have bank details on file, there is no clarity about how they will be contacted to provide their bank details for payment.

“This opens up fertile ground for scammers to pose as Services Australia to obtain the personal identification from people who have been victim of the illegal Robodebt scheme,” she said.

“Everyone must be extra-vigilant in the next few months about any calls, text messages, emails or letters they receive purporting to be from Services Australia.

“If you have any doubts, do not hand over any personal information, and contact ScamWatch or the Department of Human Services Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk.

“These are people who have already been ripped off by the government – they should have their money repaid to them without delay, and without risk of being scammed,” she said.

Ms Stanley has also offered her assistance for anyone who has any questions about their Robodebt payments.

“I am always here to help, and if anyone has any questions, please contact my office via phone or email.

“The government should be focused on getting the money it obtained illegally back to the people who deserve it, and protect them from any further risk,” she said.


Department of Human Services Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk: 1800 941 126

Anne Stanley MP: 8783 0977,

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