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Better pedestrian crossings, more parking at schools

Parents across Campbelltown would like to see improvements to pedestrian crossings, footpaths, parking, drop-off zones and cycling infrastructure around local schools. 

They were among more than 3,400 parents, teachers and residents who responded to the NSW School Safety Survey by raising concerns and suggesting ideas on how to improve road safety and encourage kids and families to walk and ride to school.  

According to the survey results, parents in the Campbelltown were mostly concerned about:

The absence of pedestrian crossings;

The lack of parking around local schools;

Greater police presence to reduce speeding near schools.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren, pictured below, has welcomed the results of the survey.

“Thank you to all the Campbelltown residents who filled out the Campbelltown School Safety Survey,’’ he said.

“There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to making the journey to and from our schools safer.

“An increased police presence, more parking and extra pedestrian crossings all contribute to making the trip to and from school safer for children, parents, carers and staff,’’ Mr Warren said.

More than one million students travel to and from school each day and the majority continue to be driven, compared to 40 years ago when 70 percent rode or walked.

These short trips add to congestion on our streets, with the cost of congestion in Sydney alone set to increase from $8.1 billion in 2016 to $15.9 billion in 2031.

If just 5km were shifted to walking or riding, speeds on our roads would increase by 50 percent.   

NSW Labor opposition active transport spokesperson Jo Haylen said getting families to walk or ride to school “is better for our kids’ health, is cheaper, cleaner and critically, gets cars off our busy streets’’.

“Families across NSW want the option to ride, walk or take public transport, but the Premier needs to build the infrastructure and provide the services to make it possible. 

“It beggars belief that in 2020, schools still don’t have safe pedestrian crossings, crossing supervisors or footpaths.

 “The government should commit to improving safety and creating local jobs by building this vital infrastructure now.” 

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