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Rezoning of 6,500 hectares for aerotropolis giant jobs boost

Land owners in the five precincts which have been included in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis will be rejoicing today.

Green light for rezoning, announced earlier today by the planning minister Rob Stokes, will mean a windfall for many of them.

Not so happy will be the 200 landowners in the Southern Gateway precinct, whose properties will not be considered for rezoning for many years.

Based around the Dwyer Road area, these residents have expressed concerns that not being included in the initial plans for the aerotropolis will means they will also be stuck there, right under the new 24 hour Western Sydney airport’s flight paths.

They were hoping for a last minute reprieve, but it was not to be when the minister announced the rezoning

Mr Stokes said the rezoning of the five initial precincts, Aerotropolis Core, Badgerys Creek, Northern Gateway, Agribusiness and Wianamatta-South Creek was the catalyst for the creation of Sydney’s third city centred on a new global airport.

The landmark planning decision will see 6,500 hectares of land rezoned to provide for employment, residential and environmental uses in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Mr Stokes said this would set up the State for a strong economic recovery and pave the way for land to be developed before the first plane takes off in 2026.

“These first five precincts will deliver much-needed jobs growth to Western Sydney, providing the potential for 100,000 new jobs, as well as homes for 30,000 residents once fully developed,” Mr Stokes said.

An artist’s impression of the aerotropolis jobs hub.

Mr Stokes added that the Aerotropolis would be supported by the Wianamatta-South Creek precinct, which sets up a central green spine to protect the environment and provide open space for future residents and visitors to enjoy.

 “This 1,300-hectare precinct will include walking and cycling trails that connect open space along the creek as well as cafes and restaurants.”

Jobs, investment, tourism and Western Sydney minister Stuart Ayres said the Aerotropolis will be a major contributor to the 200,000 future jobs that will be created across the Western Parkland City over the next 20 years.

“This high-skill jobs hub is set to become the most dynamic economic development precinct in Australia with jobs in aerospace and defence, manufacturing, healthcare, freight and logistics, agribusiness, education and research industries,” Mr Ayres said.

 “Today’s approval lays the foundations for the transformation of 6,500 hectares of land into a thriving metropolis with new homes, jobs and public spaces supported by a new, world class metro line,”

The Agribusiness precinct will revolutionise local fresh food farming as produce can go from the farm gate to the international consumer plate in 36 hours.

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