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Show’s over for a PM exposed as a weak, indecisive leader

It’s reasonable to give new leaders a chance to prove their worth. And that’s what most fair minded Australians have done with Scott Morrison. But the honeymoon is over; indeed it has crashed and burned, just like the millions of acres consumed by the biggest bush fire season in living memory.

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind, except perhaps for the yes men who surround the PM, that Morrison has cooked his goose.

This huge national emergency has exposed him as indecisive and having appallingly poor judgement.

There were hints in the past few months that Morrison, having won the unwinnable election, had succumbed to the irresistible lure of hubris.

But his terrible handling of this bush fire disaster has given us all a view of a man with a serious lack of leadership skills.

When he went on holiday to Hawaii to be forced to return early some people hoped that he had seen the light.

But he may as well have stayed there, because he’s completely failed to understand the ferocity of the bush fire situation.

Somehow, he still thinks this is a run of the mill bush fire season, when in fact Blind Freddie can tell him it’s bloody enormous, a one in 100 years event.

It’s so big our Prime Minister should have been dealing with it as though we are at war.

Which would mean ordering our defence forces to work with fire volunteers and other emergency personnel to throw everything we’ve got at this monster that is threatening so many lives and property.

He should also have formed a government of national unity with all other political parties to reinforce that we’re all in this together.

He’s put politics first and keeps talking about letting the state governments and emergency services handle it, and how he will provide what they need and ask for.

Rubbing salt into the wound, Morrison idiotically runs a social media ad to promote his decision to bring in the Army Reserve.

Which is still way short of the response that is required to protect our people and their properties from further carnage.

Morrison smugly talks about the Canberra bubble as though he sits outside it.

It now can be confirmed he’s right in the dead centre of that bubble.

The PM is now so politically wounded the polls can only go one way in the next few months – south.

And we all know what happens when opinion polls go against you: you’re out the door before too long.

My prediction is he will soon be dumped for someone else, possibly Peter Dutton – our sixth PM in a decade.

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