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Time to flush panic buying fools down the gurgler of history

It is a big job trying to find positives in a lockdown like the one we’re going through right now.

But you’ve got to hand it to those fellow humans who are quick off the mark to panic buy toilet paper seconds after the lockdown has been announced.

The rest of us sit back and enjoy the show, watching these idiots on TV filling up shopping trolleys with the giant packets of the rolls.

Well, not all of us sat back.

Some among us went on the attack on social media – where else – wanting to flush these idiots down the gurgler of shame.

But I thought some of this stuff was a bit harsh, especially the signs calling on the panic buyers to get condom as well as toilet paper.

Thinking about it, they can’t all be damn fools, surely not.

I suspect plenty of them rush out to buy rolls because they worry the real panic merchants will leave nothing for anyone else.

A kind of Catch-22 syndrome.

The rest of us, that is most of the humans, think about It all for a second, shrug the shoulders and sit back and enjoy another glass of Aussie Shiraz – that’s what isolation is for, folks.

As for the pillaging of pasta, rice and other food stuff, the question the rest of us have is do these people not have at least a week’s supply at home.

It’s obvious it has not occurred to them in the past 18 months that a little planning goes along way in a pandemic that will obviously be around for a while yet.

So here goes another attempt at Top 5 upsides to Covid-19 lockdowns:

Number 1. Drum roll: Panic buying toilet paper.

Number 2. The social media pile on against number 1 people. It can be as entertaining as it is vitriolic.

Number 3. Rediscovering your own house and the giant amount of work it needs.

Number 4. Hardly any driving, no planes, hey, carbon emissions have collapsed and the planet is getting a breather, hooray.

Number 5. Remembering that there is an upside to everything – including a lockdown.

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