MP choppers grounded to save taxpayers money

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MP entitlements: Choppers and weddings are out

In time, even Bronny herself may come to realise that this was her finest achievement after almost 30 years in parliament.

Choppergate – we really must come up with something to replace “gate’’ with – may end up saving the nation millions of taxpayers’ dollars and so for that at least we can all be eternally grateful to Bronwyn Bishop.

Look, if you are a proud member of the Liberal Party and can actually recall another BB achievement to even equal this one we promise to publish it alongside a grovelling apology.

But we are confident here at the South West Voice that we are right on this one, so let’s move on to the review of politicians’ entitlements ordered by our fearless leader and ruler of all our lands, Tony Abbott.

♦ Here’s our Top 5 ways to get fair dinkum when MPs are making claims. A key tip for them is to remember that it’s not so much what the rules say but whether an expenses claim is within the spirit of those rules. Let’s just call it common sense.

Number 1. It goes without saying that unless you’re President of the United States of America, helicopters are out. Period.

Number 2. Weddings can also be added to the banned list, and that includes your own wedding.

Number 3. No, you cannot claim the cost of going to a wedding even if you stopped in the town pub and discussed politics with some of the locals.

Number 4. Political fundraisers. Absolute arm’s length situation, the wording must be very, very precise. As in, if you attend one of your party’s fundraisers it is not doing your work as a Member of Parliament representing everyone in your electorate.

Number 5. For goodness sake, remember that the money which will pay for your $200 bottle of Shiraz is not a bottomless pit: it comes from the blood, sweat and tears of people who have tough jobs like coal miners and the like. Just order a $25 bottle and be glad someone else is paying for it.






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