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More people waiting longer at emergency department than a year ago: report

The Bureau of Health Information’s latest quarterly report paints a grim picture at Campbelltown Hospital.

According to the report, just over half, or 50.8 per cent of the patients who presented to the emergency department of the hospital between January and March left within the desired four hour period.

In contrast, from January 2018 through to March 2018, 60.7 per cent of patients who presented to the emergency department left within four hours of arriving.

Campbelltown Labor MP Greg Warren said the latest figures were deeply concerning.

Mr Warren said he has repeatedly called for the government to hire more staff – particularly nurses – at the hospital, but his pleas have been ignored by the State Government.

Mr Warren said the latest figures only strengthened his argument.

More staff needed at hospital to meet increased demand, says Campbelltown MP Greg Warren.

 “Every three months the Bureau of Health Information releases its quarterly report, and every three months I am disappointed and disheartened by what I read,’’ he said.

 “It is not acceptable that half of the patients presenting to Campbelltown Hospital’s emergency department didn’t leave within that desired four hour period.

 “The results from the January to March 2018 report were nowhere near good enough – but these latest figures are even worse.

 “The situation in emergency departments across the state – including Campbelltown – will not improve until this state government digs into its coffers and hires more staff.

 “This government think that by building a bigger hospital all the health issues engulfing the ever expanding Macarthur region will magically disappear.

 “It’s just ludicrous.

 “We need more staff to treat the thousands of patients at Campbelltown Hospital flowing through the emergency department each year.

 “It’s important to acknowledge that these results do not reflect poorly on the hard working staff at Campbelltown Hospital who do their very best under trying circumstances and with limited resources.”

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