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Let’s get serious about saving water: shower every second day

Cataract Dam is currently at 28.6 percent capacity.

It is disappointing and even sad to hear that people in the country are getting gouged when buying water.

The effects of the drought are bad enough without having to pay through the nose for such a basic commodity as water.

By comparison, the level one water restrictions in the Sydney metropolitan area are a kick up the backside with a feather.

Sure, soon we will all pay a little more when the desalination plant kicks into operation, but that’s nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters and their families in the bush are going through.

It all points to one thing: lack of planning when it comes to water, thank you politicians and bureaucrats.

Hopefully that will be the lesson learned and the government will get stuck into providing some long term solutions.

In the meantime, all the rest of us can do is try to save as much water wherever possible.

As usual, Top 5 here in the South West Voice has a few handy suggestions.

Number 1. Many years ago a water saving campaign suggested we have three minute showers. Can we go a little further and have three minute showers every second day? That’s five million people we are talking about, so that’s a lot of water saved.

Number 2. All those people with pools without covers, don’t top up water levels, it’s winter and nobody will want to go swimming right now.

Number 3. Use paper plates for dinner three times a week. Saves on washing up as well as water.

Number 4. Got any leaking taps around the house? Time to fix them because it’s wasting water and your money.

Number 5. More than 20 years Councillor Aaron Rule, who also served as mayor, suggested every new house built in Campbelltown should have a water tank. He was ahead of his time but there’s still plenty of houses that don’t have and should.

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