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Make botanic garden one of your destinations these school holidays

Australian Botanic Garden.

Turn the kids into bushrangers for a day at the Australian Botanic Garden these school holidays.

Make time these school holidays to catch the fun of the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan’s list of exciting outdoors adventures.

Children will love the variety of interactive and hands-on activities and programs.

Holiday highlights include these top four favourites:

#1. Fizzics Science Workshops (Thursday 29 September): Half and full day holiday program workshops and activities will see children aged 6-14 years programming robots, creating a buzz with circuits, and learning how to make elephants toothpaste and other chemical concoctions.

#2. Bush Rangers (Monday 26 September, Monday 3 October):
What do you get when you combine wildlife, bushcrafts, outdoor challenges, games and free play all in the great outdoors of the Australian Botanic Garden?

Bush Rangers, that’s what.

This nature play program is led by experienced staff who specialise in introducing school aged kids to the great outdoors in a safe and fun way.

#3. Nocturnal Discovery Tours (Friday 7 October): Venture into the night and see wallabies emerge from their hiding places, hear frogs sing in choir and spot scorpions that glow in the dark.

With Tom as wildlife whisperer families will enjoy this unique opportunity to explore the Garden after the sun sets.

#4. Leaves and Seeds Art Workshop (Wednesday 5 October): Rachel Wheatley will lead a fun and engaging art-botanical workshop where 12 – 15 year olds will take a magnified look at leaves and seeds.

Learn basic sketching and observation skills, the colour palette of nature and produce expressive compositions.

Families can also visit the Garden free for a family picnic and see the wonder and colour of our wildflower displays.

Bring your bicycle or embark on one of many walks to explore Australia’s largest Botanic Garden.

Also, don’t forget to bring your smartphone – you might meet a dinosaur using the Garden’s new interactive app.

For more outdoors fun at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, visit the website here.



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