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Local Hero: Tricia Brunt during her acceptance speech.

A Campbelltown business local hero has won national recognition.

Tricia Brunt, who runs the international freight forwarding business United Pacific Freight (UPF) from Minto, was presented with a CoAct Local Heroes award at a ceremony in Parliament House, Canberra, last week.

The awards ceremony recognised recipients from across the country who have shown great personal achievements, provided inspiration or created innovations.

CoAct is a national network of local community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for Australia’s disadvantaged.

MPs, CoAct members, government ministers, leaders in the Not For Profit sector, and United Nations and OECD representatives attended the ceremony.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Brunt said she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for MTC Australia and the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

“I was motivated to begin my own business, however investing all my savings into the business would have meant next to no money for normal living expenses.

“When I came across NEIS, it was the only positive option that gave some hope of financial relief.”

NEIS is a self employment program funded by the Department of Employment. The program helps eligible individuals become self supporting and independent of Centrelink by establishing and running their own business.

Despite the many challenges that came with the territory, Tricia said she was determined to make the business work in order to support her parents and her late sister’s four children.

“There were times when I was stressed about the business and would remind myself of all the NEIS mentors that believed in my business idea.

“I didn’t want to disappoint them or my family, so I made it work,” she said.

Her Minto based international freight forwarding business United Pacific Freight (UPF) has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2009, relocating three times due to the increasing need for warehouse space.

Tricia said she was very blessed to have been given the opportunity to provide a better life for her family, and was overwhelmed to be receiving an award for her efforts.

“It was a great privilege to have been invited to the NEIS anniversary celebrations in 2012, and now, being nominated as a Local Hero, is very humbling,” she said.

“I am very grateful for NEIS. It gives people a little bit of rope to grab on to while they reach for the sky and work to make a dream come true!”

Tricia Brunt is congratulated by her local member, Macarthur MP Russell Matheson.
Tricia Brunt is congratulated by her local member, Macarthur MP Russell Matheson.

MTC Australia’s chief executive officer Colin Lloyd said that Tricia’s achievement was a testament to her dedication to creating a better future for her loved ones and herself.

“Tricia is an outstanding example of the power of NEIS.

“By utilizing the NEIS program and its extensive resources, she was able to build a successful and sustainable business.

“Our organization endeavours to empower people and it is very encouraging to see individuals such as Tricia thrive.

“We are very inspired by Tricia and her story. I congratulate Tricia on her award and her fantastic accomplishment.”

Matt Little, the CEO of CoAct told the audience that Tricia’s achievements were a prime example of what can be achieved when organisations collaborate for the greater good and benefiting the whole the community.

“At CoAct, we deliver opportunities for everyday Australians regardless of disadvantage. Our mission is to create social and economic opportunities for all Australians.

“All of the Local Heroes recognised today are perfect examples of people and organisations who, despite some difficulties, worked hard to achieve their goals and provide a role model for others.”

For more information go to http://www.coact.org.au



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