Electricity price hikes: Labor promises to keep bills lower

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Ambarvale resident Belinda O'Connell’s home.
Labor will keep power prices down: state opposition leader Luke Foley, right, and Greg Warren today at Ambarvale resident Belinda O’Connell’s home. Belinda says she will struggle to pay for the increasing cost of electricity.

Families in Campbelltown are facing record energy price hikes next month.

Ambarvale resident Belinda O’Connell is one of them.

Ms O’Connell says she will struggle to pay for the increasing cost of electricity.

Earlier today state opposition leader Luke Foley and the member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren, visited Ms O’Connell at her Ambarvale home.

Mr Foley announced that if elected Labor would make the cost of electricity affordable for families like hers.

This is in contrast to expected electricity price increases from July 1 of around 17 percent. This would translate to annual average increases of $320 for households and $920 for small businesses.

“From July 1, people like Belinda are facing increases of more than $320 a year,’’ said Mr Foley.

“Families and small businesses are facing record power bills because this government did everything it could to drive the price up ahead of privatisation.

“This government even went to court to overturn the independent regulator’s price cuts.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“Labor will not stand by and let family budgets be crushed and businesses wrecked by power price hikes.”[/social_quote]

Mr Foley said Labor has a comprehensive plan to make electricity affordable and will re-regulate the electricity market to help households and businesses struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living under the Berejiklian Government.

MP Greg Warren said a Labor State Government would help people like Belinda O’Connell.

“A Foley Labor Government will re-regulate the electricity companies to ensure that consumers are treated fairly,’’ he said.

“People in my electorate tell me how hard cost of living pressures are,’’ he said.

“Some are afraid they simply won’t be able to afford such price hikes.

“Campbelltown residents will be wondering why, if the government has got so much money in the bank, life under the Liberal National Government is getting harder not easier.’’




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