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Ferals and narcissists of Covid-19 will linger in the memory

Remember when we got to hate 2019 so much we couldn’t wait for it to end and there’d be a collective “good riddance, you bastard’’ call across the country. First there were the water restrictions because of the drought, followed by the smoke haze that covered the metropolitan area, from Picton to Paddington, day after day for weeks on end.

The bushfires were some of the worst ever and many of our country cousins lost members of the family and their homes.

And so we couldn’t wait for this horrible year to end: bring on 2020, we’d all say.

But as the wise woman once said, be careful what you wish for young fellow.

Indeed, because it has come to pass that bloody 2020 is one thousand times worse than 2019.

But there’s no point crying out, bring back 2019, it wasn’t so bad after all.

All we can do is listen to the government, stick to the restrictions they have imposed and keep our fingers crossed this thing will pass sooner rather than later.

Not being old enough to know what war time is like makes it hard to say which would be worse, but if I was a betting man I’d put my last ten dollars on Covid-19.

Sure, some people say that we have gone back to a simpler life, a slower pace.

And that the virus crisis has brought out the best in a few of us.

But boy has it also brought out the bad and the ugly, the very worst in human nature in the twenty first century.

Here’s our Top 5 reactions so far in our coronavirus journey that will linger in the memory for a very long time:

Number 1. The spitting at police officers, nurses and doctors – and bus drivers even. Never knew we had so many ferals living among us.

Number 2. Then there’s the weirdos coughing at emergency personnel and then declaring they’ve got Covid-19. Time to reopen our lunatic asylums, Your Honour.

Number 3: When we do reopen them, throw in all the silly conspiracy theory nut jobs and the buffoons who give them a platform on the idiot box. No names, no pack drills but we all know who they are. Yes sir, the lunatic fringe has just moved further to the right.

Number 4: Backpackers. So they’re not just short of a quid, no, these bums are rather short of grey matter. And I won’t even mention Bondi Beach on a certain date.

Number 5. The ingrates who were rescued from overseas by the Australian Government but whinged and whined that the free five star accommodation they were given in which to spend their mandatory 14 day quarantine period was a prison cell. And then there were the truly appalling, the narcissists who took to social media to complain about the lack of fine dining on offer during their stay.

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