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Car park closure leaves commuters in the lurch

This commuter car park on the eastern side of Campbelltown station is full to overflowing on weekdays.

But this morning it was empty.

Without warning or consultation, local commuters were unable to access hundreds of parking spaces and Campbelltown MP Greg Warren says transport and roads minister Andrew Constance owes local commuters an apology.

Mr Warren said Transport for NSW had closed off the car park to morning commuters.

It meant hundreds of commuters were left scrambling for a rare all-day parking space elsewhere in Campbelltown’s CBD.

And the reason for the sudden closure?

Mr Warren said he understood the closure was meant to occur from tomorrow until November 28, with 20 spaces being cordoned off to allow for the temporary storage of train tracks.

The car park was opened mid-morning today but it was too late for early morning commuters who had already departed – many late – for work.

“Make no mistake, the Minister for Transport and Roads is the one to blame for the mess,’’ Mr Warren said.

“I’ve had numerous livid constituents contact me about the highly inconvenient situation.

“The minister must apologise unreservedly for this morning’s debacle – it’s the least he can do.

 “From what I understand, 20 spaces will now be out of action until the end of the month so train tracks can be stored there.

 “It’s meant to be a car park not a storage facility.

“The message clearly hasn’t sunk in over the past eight and a half years so I’ll say it again: minister, we need more commuter car spaces, not less.”

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