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April Fools day jokes: hey, your shoelaces are undone

First thing my wife said to me this morning when I returned from my walk was: your shoelaces are undone…

Luckily I had taken off the joggers by then so I didn’t fall for the worst April Fools day joke of all time.

We’ve all used it, which probably also makes it the most used joke as well as the most corny on April 1.

The millennials won’t know this, but there was a time when April Fools Day was enthusiastically embraced by a lot of people.

At work it was the one day of the year when you could pull all sorts of pranks on yours colleagues, especially the ones who didn’t own a funny bone in their entire body.

One of the great April Fools Day pranks was a TV report in the 1970s that the Opera House was slowly but surely was sinking into the harbour.

And believe it or not some of these pranks could be, well, robust.

Some people did go beyond the pale with “jokes’’ like leaving sex aids on a female colleague’s desk.

Can you imagine anyone doing that today? No, I didn’t think so.

To be fair, these sort of sexist April Fools day jokes were in the minority, and eventually were frowned upon.

Unfortunately, as time went by we also threw the baby out with the bath water.

So here we are now in 2021, not just humourless but with the PC police on the prowl.

We humans seem to be taking ourselves way too seriously. But it could be a cycle and it will turn one day back towards being able to laugh at ourselves.

In the meantime, look down because your shoelaces are undone.

Here’s our Top 5 April Fools jokes of all time:

Number 1. A radio station prank had half of Sydney out on the harbour waiting for the arrival of an iceberg to float past.

Number 2. Who would believe Swedish company Ikea once had a sense of humour, with its left handed allen key prank, offering to swap them for right handed ones.

Number 3. Reports on TV the Sydney Opera House was sinking into the harbour.

Number 4. A letter to a newspaper sales manager informing him of the closure of the paper.

Number 5. And who can forget the magic fishing line which could catch you the type of fish you were after to have for dinner that night.

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  1. Sal Saad April 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm #

    Yes Eric, you’re correct that we have Iost the art of pulling pranks. Everything is so politically correct, We’re afraid of the repercussions:

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