Young law firm ticks all the boxes after opening Campbelltown office

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Patrick Duffy with Ismaeel Julius and Jane Skilton.
Back in Campbelltown: Principal Patrick Duffy, front, with Ismaeel Julius (commercial law) and Jane Skilton (licensed conveyancer) in the newly opened Campbelltown offices, which are located opposite Mawson Park.

Up until two weeks ago the Duffy Law Group ticked all the boxes except one.

The rising South West Sydney law firm did not have a conveniently located office in Campbelltown.

Its lawyers have mostly been working out of Cawbourne Chambers at the Exchange building located adjacent to the burgeoning Narellan Town Centre.

And with an eye on the rapidly expanding new housing estates north west of Narellan, the firm also had opened an office in Oran Park Town’s Podium.

The missing link was Campbelltown, but as the firm’s principal Patrick Duffy says, it was a matter of time.

Mr Duffy, 46, is Campbelltown through and through – he grew up in Bradbury – so was particularly pleased that his firm had finally come “home’’.

“It’s great to open an office here in Campbelltown,’’ he said earlier this week.

The new office is located opposite Mawson Park and has easily blended into what’s becoming a legal and property precinct in Queen Street, just around the corner from the Campbelltown court house in Railway Street.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“It’s in a very handy location, which is also great,’’ Mr Duffy said.[/social_quote]

Now back to those ticks and one of them is that Duffy Law Group’s legal eagles are all local.

“Absolutely, we seek local people for our firm, who are more likely to have an affinity with our clients,’’ says Mr Duffy.

They include Tony Venditti, who came across to Duffy Law Group earlier this year from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Ismaeel Julius, Merna Aziz, Jane Skilton and Sarah Kermode.

“I’m particularly proud of Merna, our first female lawyer, who has made great strides in professional development after joining us as a graduate from Campbelltown Court Registry,” Mr Duffy said.

Duffy Law Group, which has 11 people on board so far, offers all legal services, from family law to conveyancing and commercial and criminal law, so that’s another box ticked.

“We get results for our clients,’’ says Mr Duffy, so we’ll call that another box ticked.

A young Patrick Duffy started his legal career at Marsdens Law Group, before departing for the big smoke of Sydney and a job with a major firm.

He then switched to local government when he got a job with Sutherland Shire Council.

When that was over Patrick Duffy came home to Campbelltown and opened his own firm.

Duffy Law Group has achieved much success since then, but it has also made sure that it has given back to the community which sustains it.

“We are unashamedly old school when it comes to both community involvement such as supporting good causes like Kids of Macarthur as well as pro bono work,’’ Mr Duffy says.

“We recently provided some pro bono work to the Friends of Bargo group and are big contributors and supporters of Legal Aid here in the area.’’

And that ticks another box for Duffy Law Group.

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