Move signals improvements to the 887 bus service to Wollongong

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feedback on the 887 bus service
Greg Warren has welcomed the move by the transport department to get feedback on the 887 bus service between Campbelltown and Wollongong

The decision by Transport for NSW to seek advice and feedback on the 887 bus service from Campbelltown to Wollongong has got a tick of approval from the State Member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren.

Mr Warren has long sought an improvement in services on the route, which serves as the only direct link between Campbelltown and Wollongong by public transport.

Transport for NSW is now offering commuters the chance to contribute to the formation of a new bus timetable, either via the phone or through an online form on the Transport for NSW website.

The feedback is expected to assist in the formation of the 2018 bus timetable and would hopefully address the lack of services and seating on the route, which is often used heavily by university students and pensioners.

[social_quote duplicate=”nos” align=”default”] “This recent announcement is a positive indication to help address the long standing issue and the thousands of community calls to improve and review the lack of services and seating on the 887 Campbelltown to Wollongong route,’’ Mr Warren said.[/social_quote]

“It serves as the only direct link between the two cities and is an essential service for the thousands of University of Wollongong students living in the Campbelltown area

“An adjusted timetable for 2018 that increases services and seating options is ideal, with the population of the Campbelltown region growing the demand for this service will continue to grow,” Mr Warren said.

If you’d like to access the online feedback form via Transport for NSW click here.






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