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Andrew Bosch, Greens candidate in Liverpool
Andrew Bosch, Greens candidate in Liverpool

The Greens candidate for Liverpool, André Bosch, has submitted his five reasons local voters should support him at the 2015 state election this Saturday:

1. As a Green, there is at least one thing I can safely guarantee: I’m a member of the only party with a record of not being consistently corrupt.

2. Whether you normally vote Labor or Liberal, you want your Parliament to be more than a blank cheque for government: you want your politicians to negotiate for the best outcomes, and not take their leadership as an opportunity to pass unfair policies. Greens in the Lower House force other parties to negotiate and compromise.

3. The Greens and I are passionate about evidence-based policy: paying attention to what the nation’s brightest have to say. We don’t think that experience in business or the legal profession is something that automatically carries across to policy in education and health. The Greens are all about consultation, instead of MPs having the sole influence over policy.

4. The diversity of Liverpool is something to be nurtured in the political environment. Political engagement shouldn’t be about money or popularity, it should be about people and the lives they actually live. I want to bring the identities and experiences of Liverpool into grassroots political discussion, to make people understand that they matter, to show people that our uniqueness gives us so much potential to build a very special community. The Greens understand this, and I certainly do too.

5. I am one of the youngest candidates in the entire state: I am approaching the future coming from the generation who will actually live the issues of tomorrow.

Here is the link to my Facebook page:é-Bosch-Greens-for-Liverpool/776781929057800

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