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World’s biggest halal snack pack to put Fisher’s Ghost on the map

The humble halal snack pack looks set to put Campbelltown’s Fisher’s Ghost festival on the map next month. A Guinness Book of Records attempt by King Kebab House will provide a massive culinary climax to the festival’s street fair on Saturday, November 9.

And Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic believes it will be a huge marketing boost for the festival – which is why he had no hesitation in offering council support to facilitate the record attempt.

“To have the Guinness Book of Records come to Campbelltown during Fisher’s Ghost festival for what will hopefully be the world’s biggest halal snack pack is absolutely brilliant,’’ he said during a media promotion this morning outside King Kebab House with owner Mevlana Cifci.

“Mevlana told me what he wanted to do over a cup of Turkish coffee and I said, yes, I’d like to facilitate that,’’ Cr Brticevic said.

“People will come from everywhere, Bondi, the city, Wollongong, to taste it; you can imagine the influx we’ll get for this world record once there’s a buzz around the event.

“For the festival we need to mix it up and bring new things, and to have the Guinness Records people here in Queen Street on the day, it doesn’t get any better than this,’’ he said.

Record attempt: Mevlana Cifci, Mayor George Brticevic and Queen Street office worker Rachel tuck into a normal size halal snack pack from King Kebab House this morning.

So what exactly is a halal snack pack, which has become a very popular street food in the past three years?

Basically you take some halal kebab meat, add chips and top it all with cheese and three sauces – garlic, chili and barbecue.

King Kebab House in the heart of Queen Street claim they make one of Sydney’s best and that people come from miles away to taste their tasty halal snack pack.

Owner Mevlana Cifci said he made a giant sized halal snack pack on a Friday night around two months ago, pictured.

“It’s been on my mind so I thought let’s try to go for a record and to raise more money for the Campbelltown Hospital,’’ Mr Cifci said this morning.

He sought council’s support because of the quantities involved in giant halal snack packs – one previous attempt involved 205 kilograms of ingredients, which included 100kg of chips, 70kg of meat, 20kg of cheese and 15kg of the three sauces.

This involved the notorious former Labor senator Sam Dastyari so it’s not clear if it ended up in the record books.

But all the research so far shows that’s the mark to beat on November 9 in Campbelltown.

As the mayor has confirmed, council will be providing logistical support to the record attempt, which will get under way from 2pm on November 9.

“It’s just a fantastic idea that’s also for a good cause, with proceeds going to our hospital,’’ Cr Brticevic said.

“I can’t wait.’’

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