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Who you gonna call when digital problems pile up?

A large business can afford to have an in house IT department to tackle any digital challenges.

But when it comes to family businesses, often run by one or two people, it’s a little more complicated staying ahead of the game in the internet era.

As a small local business in Macarthur, the South West Voice often crosses path with similar size operations.

When the discussion comes around to our computers and the programs that help our businesses chug along it is obvious we share similar challenges in that area of operations.

So what’s a small firm to do when digital problems become overwhelming and start to affect the business in a serious way.

Do you seek help from a big IT company or do you go for a small operation, that is the question.

Another question is which small web developer do you enlist to fix your problems.

A lot of run of the mill digital issues can be fixed by the operator of the business, if he or she has invested a little bit of time in gaining enough skills to be able to do that.

The downside of that is that you don’t get to find out what’s available out there in the way of expert help.

But when there’s no alternative and you must call for outside help there’s a few rules that we certainly follow here at the Voice.

First of all it’s got to be someone local, because you don’t want someone who has to drive an hour to get to your office.

But just local is not enough; they obviously also have to be good at what they do and communicate well with you when offering solutions to your problems.

Once the job’s complete you will have most of the answers to these questions and, hopefully, peace of time for what challenges lie ahead.

Which also means that next time you’re asked if you know a good local web developer you will be able to say “yes’’.

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