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Wests Tigers romp it in for media coverage victory

Club’s happy but many fans don’t like the new look logo.

Penrith may have won the grand final, but Wests Tigers have been monopolising media coverage since then.

The joint venture has been hammered by fans over its design changes to the roaring tiger logo, but the club insists it’s all good.

Club legend Benji Marshall announcing his retirement from rugby league has shifted even more media focus on the club where it all started, and, of course, the 2005 triumph against the Cowboys.

There’s been more media on Wests Tigers over the silly decision by their gun fullback, Daine Laurie, to wear a Panthers jumper while helping his former teammates at the foot of the mountains celebrate their premiership triumph over Souths.

And finally, the club has also been getting a few media moments for its annual player awards, which were shared by Laurie and Luke Brooks.

Wests Tigers say their new logo and brand is part of a new direction for the 2022 season and beyond.

While retaining key elements of the previous Wests Tigers logo, the updated brand and logo highlights a number of changes to the iconic tiger face and head including simplified and modernised elements to ensure digital compatibility.

“As the club continues to move forward in an ever-increasing digital age, this design ensures that Wests Tigers is firmly positioned for the future ahead,’’ says Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe.

“The redesign of our logo has been an extensive process in consultation with many different parties to ensure we recognise the history of Wests Tigers since its establishment in 2000 from two extremely proud foundation clubs.

“While pointing to our history, this update will ensure that the Wests Tigers brand remains recognisable with a strong digital presence as we look forward to a future of innovation and sustained success.’’

Luke Brooks and Daine Laurie, who were both announced as the club’s 2021 players of the year earlier this week, commented on the new logo.

“It’s a pretty special thing that we get to be the first team to wear the new logo, knowing how many Wests Tigers players will wear it into the future,” Brooks said.

2 Responses to Wests Tigers romp it in for media coverage victory

  1. Gerald Knights October 11, 2021 at 4:27 pm #

    In my opinion, the new logo looks boring, and like many other animal head logos.

    It has been highly simplified, and lost that aggression, in comparison to original.
    On closer examination, is the Tiger laughing or roaring – 50%-50% …….. not sure?

    In this digital word, I am certain that all historical quote ‘simplified and modernised’ elements could have been retained and been suitably adjusted to ensure digital compatibility.

    It is a bit like the Campbelltown City Council’s $$$,$$$ change to that awful shade of ‘pink’ …….. ho hum !!

  2. Dale October 11, 2021 at 7:00 pm #

    Talkin about a new club in rugby league, why not make balmain a club again, old balmain players, mainly Elias and roach, they persist in crapping on as if there was never a Rugby League team named Western Suburbs !!!

    NRL Australia should make Western Suburbs and balmain independent clubs and you would not need another club in the mix ???

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