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After 10 years of failure, all eyes will be on Wests Tigers board

Plenty of Wests Tigers fans will be wondering what another coach – for argument’s sake let’s say Tim Sheens – would have done with the talented pool of youngsters who wore the jumper this season.

With just one more round before the season is complete – a date with the Bulldogs on Sunday – it’s official that the joint venture will not play finals footy for the tenth year in a row.

When the board sits down to review the performance of the players and the coach there will no doubt be a lot of head scratching about what went wrong this season for Wests Tigers.

Like the rest of us, the directors would have watched with interest the TV documentary, Wild Wests, Tales from Tiger Town, where it was obvious the coach, Michael Maguire, was talking to a brick wall much of the time.

Everyone has an opinion, and mine is that the angry voice and the barrage of F-bombs is no way for a coach to speak to a group of young men new to the elite level of rugby league in 2021.

It’s up to the board what they do with the coach, and it will be interesting to see which way they go.

Maguire has been at Concord for three seasons, and it’s anybody’s guess if he will be there for a fourth.

My gut feeling is that he won’t be, especially with Tim Sheens returning to the fold.

In the meantime, Maguire has to prepare the side one more time for their final outing against the wooden spooners of 2021, the Bulldogs, at Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe.

Wests Tigers performed admirably against the Panthers last week, despite going down 30-16.

Powerhouse prop forward Stefano Utoikamanu, pictured, was a constant threat for the Panthers defence, and there were other good performances from the young Tigers.

Mistakes cost them, and that was the story of the penultimate game of the season, and indeed most of the season.

Hopefully these talented young men can re-group, show some pride in themselves and the Wests Tigers jumper and give their fans something to cheer about.

1. Moses Mbye
2. David Nofoaluma
3. Tommy Talau
4. Michael Chee Kam
5. Ken Maumalo
6. Jock Madden
7. Luke Brooks (captain)
8. Stefano Utoikamanu
9. Jacob Liddle
10. Thomas Mikaele
11. Shawn Blore
12. Luciano Leilua
13. Alex Twal

14. Joe Ofahengaue
15. Jake Simpkin
16. Tom Amone
17. Kelma Tuilagi

18. James Roberts
19. Reece Hoffman
20. Zac Cini
21. Tuki Simpkins

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